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Our passion for fitness stems from the transformative power it provides individuals in their daily life. We see fitness as the key to unlocking possibilities for the future, whether hiking mountains or playing with your grandchildren in the backyard. We provide an environment focused on older individuals, offering small group classes, open gym hours, and even personal training. All our trainers are certified through the Functional Aging Institute and design each session for optimal results with limited strain on the body.

Who we are

Staff & Trainers

Johnny Henry

Owner / Trainer

Education – University of Indianapolis – Sports Management Major / Business Administration Minor.
Certification – Functional Aging Specialist.
Fitness Interests – sports of all sorts, being active.
Fun Fact – I enjoyed my time as a Nanny during college.
Hobby – riding my motorcycle, doing puzzles, listening to music.
Secret Talent – I am ambidextrous.
Favorite Exercise – overhead tricep extensions.

Sarah Begley

Manager / Trainer

Education – Purdue University – Health and Kinesiology Major / Organizational Leadership and Supervision Minor.
Certification – FAS (Functional Aging Specialist).
Fitness Interests – Strength training, yoga, HIIT training, and sports with our children.
Fun Fact – choreographed routines for the cheer team and for the drama club.
Hobby – cooking and spending time with family.
Secret Talent – I am really good at folding fitted sheets.
Favorite Exercise – jump squats, burpees, and anything core!

Kyle Schwipps


Education – Butler University – Physical Education Major / Concentration in Exercise Science.
Certification – FAS (Functional Aging Specialist), CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).
Fitness Interests – lifting weights, bike riding, row machine.
Fun Fact – my grandmother’s brother was on the 1954 Milan basketball team that won state and inspired the movie Hoosiers.
Hobby – playing golf, hunting/fishing, playing with my two boys, occasionally showing bulldogs.
Secret Talent – I have gotten pretty good at smoking meat and other food.
Favorite Exercise – pullups, chest presses, bird dogs, and spine pigeons.

Riley Quakenbush


Education – University of Southern Indiana / Major in Exercise Science.
Certification – FAS (Functional Aging Specialist).
Fitness Interests – running, lifting.
Fun Fact – I ran my first half marathon in October.
Hobby – Hiking, baking.
Secret Talent – I can fall asleep almost anywhere, anytime.
Favorite Exercise – Romanian deadlifts or dumbbell chest presses.

Hunter McMindes


Education – IU Kokomo / Major in Exercise Science
Certification – NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC). Currently taking NASM Senior Fitness Specialist class and will be CPR/AED Certified.
Fun Fact – I’m a champion marksman
Hobby – cooking/trying new recipes
Secret Talent – archery
Favorite Exercise – core exercises

Catherine Mossak


Education – University of Wisconsin Stevens Point / Major in Art – Sculpture.
Certification – Personal Training, Barre, Yoga RYT-200, StrongFirst, Kettlebell, Mat Pilates, Cycling.
Fitness Interests – strength training and yoga.
Fun Fact – I spent 6 summers working for the Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico leading backcountry programs and was a Wilderness First Responder.
Hobby – playing guitar, reading, and learning new fiber arts skills.
Secret Talent – I can write fitness choreography for any song in 5 minutes using my proprietary method.
Favorite Exercise – deadlift, military press, and arm balances.

Abigail Snyder


Education (college & major): Purdue, dual major Public Health Promotion and Health and Fitness
Any additional fitness certifications: Certified Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Coach, Senior Fitness Specialist, RYT 200
Fitness Interests: Pilates, Yoga, Running
Fun Fact: I met my husband at the gym
Hobby: Gardening, Cooking
Secret Talent: Sneaking veggies and other healthy things into food
Favorite Exercise: currently walking/running with my babes in the stroller

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