Visit a Fitness Center for Seniors and Baby Boomers in West Lafayette, IN

Show your body who's boss

Your body may be aging, but that doesn't mean it can't continue to serve you well. Visit Miracles Fitness to begin working toward your ideal level of health and fitness. When you become a member, you'll benefit from:

The guidance of qualified physical trainers

A community of other active individuals over the age of 40

Group training and one-on-one personal training sessions

Our well-equipped gym, where you can work out at your convenience

Conquer Your Weaknesses

Strengthen Your Body

Physical fitness is important for everyone-especially seniors. As you age, your health and fitness becomes even more important, and you must be more careful than ever when planning your workouts and nutritional regimen. That's where we come in. Miracles Fitness of West Lafayette, IN offers fitness training services for seniors and those with medical conditions.

We won't let your age limit your health.

In West Lafayette, IN

Get your body back in shape

Miracles Fitness in West Lafayette, IN offers physical training to baby boomers, seniors and those dealing with medical conditions. We maintain a clean, inviting environment for both seasoned fitness enthusiasts and newcomers to the fitness world. We employ some of the most qualified personal trainers in the area. Every member of our training staff has received a bachelor's degree in a health-related field and works closely with our members to create safe workouts tailored to their goals and physical abilities.

Join Miracles Fitness to improve your health and achieve your personal fitness goals.

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linda emery corbin.

"The trainers are absolutely awesome. How many times have we all said we want to get in a good work out routine.. Many many times most of us! Going to miracles has inspired me in so many ways!! I know if I had not joined there is no way I would still be exercising. It's been a year and a half and I am still going. Thank you miracle fitness!"

dave mason.

"Miracles has TRULY changed my life. I've gone from a man who literally could not run for 60 seconds to someone who runs 16 miles in a week. I've lost untold pounds and inches. Everyone who meets me guesses my age as 5-10 years younger than I am. It isn't easy but it is worth it."

susan kay crain.

"Every summer my husband and I come from Florida to spend a few months. I look forward to going to Miracles Fitness and it's great atmosphere. The staff is friendly and helpful and their machines are great. They always welcome us short timers and I miss them when I go home. There is nothing like them where we live in Florida."